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Make Higher Education Affordable Again

For those of us that attended a state college or university before the 1990’s it was affordable. If you tell college students today what we paid to attend college their mouths drop open.  You didn’t graduate so far in debt that you were financially crippled.  We need a plan that gets back to that model.  What was different then as compared to now?

Too many of our young people are saddled with crushing college debt.  How can you buy a car or a home if all of your disposable income is spent paying off your college loans?  How can you become contributing members of our society when you need to live at home with your parents just to make ends meet?  They’re in a financial crunch that we never had to experience.  We need to develop a vehicle for our children that allows them to attend college without creating a lifetime of financial hardship.  

Our Universities and Community Colleges need to work together to develop an affordable model for students that want to learn but have limited resources.  We need to remove the redundancy from our higher education system.  We also need to ensure that we are utilizing our educational staff as effectively and efficiently as possible.  

Times are changing.  On line courses are becoming more popular especially for working students.  We need to be on the forefront of this revolution in learning.  Expanding these offerings can only help people attain their goals.   

Not every student has a desire to attend college.  Many want to enter the workforce upon high school graduation.  Vocational training needs to be expanded and improved in our high schools.  There are so many amazing vocational careers that pay very well.  We need to identify those students that would benefit from a vocational education and ensure there are seats available.  If their local technical school is full they should be able to attend schools with open seats having their local aid transfer with them.  

We also need to have a plan in place for those individuals that graduate high school but realize a bit later that they want to learn a trade.  Many of our technical schools offer evening classes in areas such plumbing and electrical.  We need to make sure these folks can access the funding necessary to pay for classes like this.  If they’re successful we’re all successful.  

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