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School Safety

The State of Massachusetts needs to be a leader in the area school safety.  The Commonwealth has some of the most rigorous gun laws in the country.  What has become painfully apparent is the need for stronger protection measures most notably in the area of mental health.  Individuals with mental health issues similar to the problems faced by the perpetrators from both Parkland and Sandy Hook should not have access to firearms.  I would support legislation to further this objective.  That’s just common sense.  

“See something, say something” needs to be taken seriously and acted upon.  There were so many warning signs with the Parkland shooter that were tragically missed.  We do a much better job here in Massachusetts because of the extensive training of our police officers but we can always do better.  

I support State funding to develop training programs to assist our local police departments in identification of troubled individuals that need immediate law enforcement intervention to prevent a tragedy before it happens.  These individuals should be removed permanently our classrooms and offered the mental health services they so desperately need.  I will make this a priority. 

Let’s be innovative.  Let’s change the School Building Authority (SBA) requirements for State funded school construction projects.  I will immediately file legislation that will:

-Require the MSBA to have a safety expert on staff that will develop uniform safety standards for all school construction projects in the Commonwealth.  That expert will be available to local communities for consultation.   

-Require the local School Building Committee include a security expert whose role will be to ensure new construction and rehabilitation projects are the safest they can be and conform to new state standards.  This individual could be a member or retiree of the local police department or a parent with a law enforcement background as examples.  

-Require that all school construction projects be designed to include site security and defense systems such as bulletproof doors, remote door closure devices, surveillance cameras used to harden targets by directly feeding to local law enforcement, limited entrances etc. 

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