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Utility Companies

Believe me I feel your pain on this one.  We lost our electricity for three days.  We stayed at my in-laws house calling our answering machine every few hours to see if we had power yet.  Luckily we had a place to stay.  Others had to remain in their freezing homes.  There are people in the District that run their water by electric pump.  They had no water for days.  That is unacceptable in my book.  
Going days upon days without electricity in the middle of winter is extremely frustrating and potentially costly for everyone.  It would seem that the electric companies would be better prepared to handle these types of storms since they keep occurring.  
I will file legislation requiring the utility companies begin the process of sinking all overhead utilities underground.  Enough is enough.  I will include in that legislation a requirement to modify the utility tree and limb cutting program from every five years to every three years.  Five years has been proven to be far too long with all the limbs that came down recently.  
I would also include a provision that states for every 24 hour period a customer is without power there will be a credit on their bill and the utility has to reimburse families that had to rent a generator for power during the outage.  
There were many line crews from all over the country in our area working diligently to get us back up and running.  Those folks worked incredibly hard.  However, we need to get the attention of these massive foreign conglomerates like National Grid that just don’t seem to care about the little guy.  

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